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The Holiday Gift Show is a fundraiser which allows Northside Methodist Preschool to further its mission to foster development of the whole child: emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. It is the largest annual benefit for the school.

Approximately 90 vendors come from around the Southeast. Well over 1000 visitors attend the show annually.

The Gift Show is hosted at Northside Church, which is located next to Sutton Middle School at 2799 Northside Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30305.


NMP Holiday Gift Show Committee

Chair Caroline McClelland | Co-Chair Jamie McWilliams | Vendor Chair Hannah Powell | Co-Vendor Chair Mary Ryan Nicholson | Treasurer Paige Hill | External Marketing Hannah Amick | Raffle Amy Bryan and Cannon Griffith | Social Media Holloway Egan | Decorations Kara Mylod and Catherine Kraft | Café Lindsey Randolph and Ashley Hart | Internal Marketing Christa Groves | Volunteers Meredith McClure and Shanna Bradley | Sponsorships Anne Thompson and Connor Keatley | Fundraiser Allen Clare Heckman and Brittany Carter

Thank you to the following who work tirelessly to make the Holiday Gift Show a success…

NMP Committee

NMP Staff

Northside Church Creative Services

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